Archipelago Of Knowledge

Spatial vision for the Maritime Cluster in the Port of Rotterdam for 2045.

Rotterdam, NL. 2017. 

Kartonkraft_Archipelago of Knowledge.jpg

The economic scenarios for the Maritime Clusters 2045 show a general growth in various sectors in terms of added value in Groot-Rijnmond. On the other hand, they show a dramatic loss in terms of employment. 

Archipelago of Knowledge is a strategy that aims to generate employment opportunities by creating a spatial framework for a diversified and knowledge-ortiented environment, linking the city with its port. The key is to relate the main maritime companies and supporting firms to cultural and educational institutions for the mutual benefit of the maritime cluster and the city. 

The port zones are fragmented into islands, resulting in the formation of a continuous, fully accessible, waterfront. The islands are resilient spatially defined areas where scenarios can unfold through time. The waterfront is a system that goes beyond administrative borders and fragmentation but rather unifies the ongoing efforts of port revitalization into one, coherent urban vision.


LOCATION      Port of Rotterdam (M4haven, Schiedam, Vlaardingen), NL                    

SIZE     36 km  

CLIENT      Vereniging Deltametropool                                                                             

IN COLLABORATION WITH    Mauroparravicini Architects, Openfabric, Noha, MoveMobility

PHOTOGRAPHY      Jacopo G. Feslikenian